Liquid Polyurethane Membrane


Topseal HG260 is a liquid-applied, highly permanent elastic, cold applied and cold curing, high solid, one component, 100% polyurethane-based membrane used for long-lasting waterproofing.

Topseal HG260 consist of flexible, high solid polyurethane resins formula, without the addition of inferior acryl resins and bitumen.

When Topseal HG260 is applied, it forms a hydrophobic, 100% waterproofing, seamless, polyurethane membrane without joints or leak possibilities, that protect old and new structures efficiently and on a long term basis.

Area Of Application

1- Waterproofing of Rooftops

2- Waterproofing of Balconies & Terraces

3- Waterproofing of Wet Areas(under-tile) in Bathrooms, Kitchens, etc

4- Protection of Polyurethane Foam Insulation

5- Waterproofing and protection of Concrete constructions like Bridge-decks, Tunnels, etc


1- Pure Polyurethane.
2- When applied forms seamless membrane without joints.
3- Resistant to water and frost.
4- Provides high levels of crack bridging.
5- Resistant to root penetration, so it can be used in green roofs.
6- Maintains its mechanical properties over a temperature
span of -40oC to +90oC.
7- Provides water vapor permeability.
8- Full surface adherence without any additional anchoring.
9- The waterproofed surface can be walked on.
10- Even if the membrane gets damaged, it can be easily repaired locally within minutes.

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