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Cold-Applied Elastomeric Hybrid Polyurea



Dual-component, elastomeric, brush-applied, polyurea-polyurethane hybrid waterproofing coating for the protection of various surfaces. It forms a blister-free, moisture-impermeable film, with remarkable resistance to water absorption, high mechanical properties and excellent resistance to chalking.

Area of Application:

  1. Concrete roofs, hydraulic tiles, cementitious screeds.
  2. Roofs where high resistance to standing water is required.
  3. Metallic surfaces, e.g. piping.
  4. Directly over new or old liquid waterproofing membranes.
  5. On mineral bituminous membranes.
  6. Unexposed surfaces (e.g., under tiles).
  7. Subway exterior walls (before backfilling).
  8. PU foam insulation protection.


  1. High mechanical properties: ideal solution for weight-bearing roofs.
  2. High resistance to standing water.
  3. Remarkable resistance to UV radiation, no chalking.
  4. Exceptional adhesion on various substrates.
  5. Remains elastic over a wide temperature range from -35°C to +80°C.
  6. No signs of blisters or craters on the surface during the curing phase.
  7. Resistant to early rain within 3 hours after application.
  8. Excellent crack bridging properties.
  9. Apply by roller or airless paint gun.
  10. Long useful life.
  11. Compatible with other polyurea coatings.
  12. Ultra-long service life assured.

Info +:

  • Hybrid Polyurea
  • Trowel or Roller Application
  • Cold Application
  • High Mechanical Performance