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Gel Adhesive C2TE
Gel Adhesive C2TE S1
Deformable Mortar For 3-12mm Joints
Waterbased Acrylic Emulsion Floor Coating
Self leveling anti static epoxy system
Self leveling anti static epoxy primer
Polyurethane coating with moisture barrier
solvent free polyurethane car park coating
Solvent Free Polyurethane Primer


We pride ourselves on our quality control and the ability to custom-formulate epoxy resin products as well as epoxy paints for any coating application. Our skilled staff includes top chemists that will match any of our epoxy resin adhesive, epoxy resin coating or epoxy resin flooring products to your needs. Our expertise started with floor epoxy products and epoxy waterproofing compounds and has expanded to include polyurethane waterproofing coating, Polyurethane screed, Polyurethane paint, tile adhesive with new technology of CAPAGEL and tile grout for almost every construction and industrial demand such as factories, warehouses and even underground parking.

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